Published 27 September, 2018 by Anders Thorén

​Swedish coffee roaster brings extra energy to Team Hasselborg

In February, they won the Olympic gold medal in curling. Team Hasselborg is now fully focused on the Grand Slam of Curling with six tournaments in Canada. With the season approaching, the team begins cooperating with the Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs that recently established in Canada. – Everyone on the tour knows that we are genuine ...

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Published 24 August, 2018 by Anders Thorén

Löfbergs may be awarded Best Coffee Roaster

The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs is one of the finalists in The European Coffee Awards. It means that the family-owned coffee roaster is ranked as one of the best in Europe. The winner is announced at The European Coffee Symposium in Milan at the end of November. – We are entering the international high life, feeling like a winner ...

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Published 24 April, 2018 by Anders Thorén

Celebrating Swedish Fika at SIAL in Montreal

The Swedish tradition of fika is well-known all over the world, something the coffee roaster Löfbergs will pay attention to at SIAL Canada in Montreal May 2ndto 4th. At their showcase Löfbergs will present an homage in the form of Fika, a light dark-roast and well-balanced ground coffee with notes of cacao. The family-owned coffee roaster ...

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Published 20 February, 2018 by Anders Thorén

Löfbergs’s new coffee strengthens young coffee farmers

Good coffee cannot be taken for granted as fewer and fewer young people see a future as coffee farmers. Löfbergs wants to change that. The family-owned coffee roaster presents a new coffee with beans from Ana-Maria and other young farmers in Antioquia in north-western Colombia, combined with carefully selected Arabica beans from Brazil. The ...

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Published 14 February, 2018 by Anders Thorén

​​Löfbergs celebrates Swedish fika

The Swedish tradition of fika is well-known all over the world. The coffee roaster Löfbergs is now presenting an homage in the form of Fika, a light dark-roast and well-balanced ground coffee with notes of cacao. It goes especially well together with a cinnamon roll or a raw food cookie with chocolate and raspberries. Löfbergs Fika is ...

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