Published 14 February, 2018 by Anders Thorén

​​Löfbergs celebrates Swedish fika

The Swedish tradition of fika is well-known all over the world. The coffee roaster Löfbergs is now presenting an homage in the form of Fika, a light dark-roast and well-balanced ground coffee with notes of cacao. It goes especially well together with a cinnamon roll or a raw food cookie with chocolate and raspberries. Löfbergs Fika is ...

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Published 12 September, 2017 by Anders Thorén

​Löfbergs establishes itself in Canada

Löfbergs continues to grow outside Sweden’s borders. The family-owned coffee roaster is now taking the step into the North American market and forms a subsidiary in Canada. – It is a natural step for us as we are already selling coffee to approximately 3,000 units in Canada. We are increasing the service level at the same time as ...

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