Publicerat 3 December, 2019 av Anders Thorén

Award-winning ICE from Löfbergs

Great taste, natural ingredients and a neat recyclable package. The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs continues to impress the Canadian market with ICE, an organic and Fairtrade labelled iced coffee. This time as a winner in the 2019 Top New Products Awards presented by Convenience Store News Canada.

– Fantastic! This award means a lot to us, not least since the winners are selected by Canadian consumers. That is of course very valuable to us, says Jon Leirfall Fornes, Managing Director at Löfbergs Canada.

Earlier this year, Löfbergs won a prestigious Bronze Award in the SIAL Innovation competition for its assortment of iced coffee. The award was presented at the SIAL Fair in Toronto.

Appealing to eco and health-conscious consumers
The winners of the 2019 Top New Products Awards were chosen by consumer panels that evaluated the contest entries, rating and awarding points based on convenience, appearance and packaging, along with attributes such as taste and ingredients.

Löfbergs ICE was chosen as the winner of the RTD Coffee category with the following statement:

Löfbergs ICE is a tasty and natural alternative to the traditional iced coffee line up. This Fairtrade-certified ready-to-drink coffee is made with organic milk, plus there is no added sugar. Creating a tasty and fully natural coffee drink is a big technical accomplishment, but putting that drink into a sexy, cylinder-shaped recyclable cardboard package makes this product doubly noteworthy and appealing to eco and health-conscious consumers, who want natural and tasty products on the go.

In Canada since 2017
The coffee roaster Löfbergs is a Swedish family business founded in 1906. The company consists of 350 coffee lovers operating in Northern Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends and sustainability. Löfbergs was established in Canada in 2017, and today the company sells both coffee and cold drinks on the Canadian market.