Publicerat 9 September, 2019 av Anders Thorén

Löfbergs has halved its climate impact

The goal was to cut the company’s emissions of greenhouse gases with 40 per cent by 2020. Löfbergs has now reached that goal. Less travelling by air and an increase of the share of Bio LPG are two of the adopted measures that have been contributory factors for Löfbergs’s decrease of its emissions with 50 per cent per produced ton of coffee compared to the base year of 2005.

– It is a milestone that shows how important it is to set specific goals for your sustainability work. Today, our roastery is one of the most efficient ones with CO2 emissions less than 0.1 tons per produced ton of coffee, says Eva Eriksson, Director of Quality and Sustainability at Löfbergs.

In Löfbergs’s Sustainability Report 2018/2019 that will be presented shortly, the family-owned coffee roaster will give an account of more progress within the sustainability area.