Publicerat 20 February, 2018 av Anders Thorén

Löfbergs’s new coffee strengthens young coffee farmers

Good coffee cannot be taken for granted as fewer and fewer young people see a future as coffee farmers. Löfbergs wants to change that. The family-owned coffee roaster presents a new coffee with beans from Ana-Maria and other young farmers in Antioquia in north-western Colombia, combined with carefully selected Arabica beans from Brazil.

The result is called Next Generation Coffee Colombia Brazil, a medium-roasted and well-balanced coffee with fresh fruitiness and hints of cacao. The Fairtrade labelled coffee is available as ground coffee and whole beans.

Good coffee in the future 
Ana-Maria Zapata Palacio and her family can be seen on the wrapper of Löfbergs’s new coffee package. Ana-Maria is 25 years old and one of the participants of Löfbergs’s new investment Next Generation Coffee, where the purpose is to give more young coffee farmers the possibility to create a good life for themselves and their families.

– We are working to strengthen their knowledge about entrepreneurship, productivity and sustainable farming methods to guarantee the coffee farmers’ possibilities to make a livelihood in a good way. We secure the supply of good coffee in the future at the same time, says Martin Löfberg, purchasing director at Löfbergs.

Martin Löfberg travels regularly to the producing countries to follow the development. He has visited Ana-Maria, who lives on a beautiful mountainside just outside of Medellín in north-western Colombia.

– To see how Ana-Maria develops her farm is an incredibly strong and instructive experience. She is a true entrepreneur with a great drive and a long-term perspective, says Martin Löfberg.

Facts about Next Generation Coffee

  • An investment that strengthens the development opportunities for young coffee farmers
  • The participants are supported through education and direct trade
  • The focus is to increase productivity and quality, in order for the farmers to make more money
  • To start with, the project aims at farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Colombia
  • Löfbergs Next Generation Coffee is now available as ground coffee and whole beans

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