Publicerat 12 September, 2017 av Anders Thorén

​Löfbergs establishes itself in Canada

Löfbergs continues to grow outside Sweden’s borders. The family-owned coffee roaster is now taking the step into the North American market and forms a subsidiary in Canada.

– It is a natural step for us as we are already selling coffee to approximately 3,000 units in Canada. We are increasing the service level at the same time as we can seize new business opportunities in a better way, says Lars Appelqvist, CEO at Löfbergs.

Löfbergs’s Canadian company will be based in Toronto. Focus will be on sales and service to the Out of Home market, to Circle K among others.

– We are already working with Circle K in Sweden and a number of other European countries. We are happy that they want us to join them when they develop the coffee solution for their units in Canada as well. It is a big deal for a family-owned coffee roster from Sweden, says Lars Appelqvist.

Expands abroad
Löfbergs’s investments abroad took off in 1993 when the company started exporting coffee to the Baltic countries. The family-owned coffee roaster has continued to grow through establishments and acquisitions ever since.

– The investments abroad are an important part of our growth strategy. The goal is to increase the volume with 50 per cent between 2015 and 2020, says Lars Appelqvist.

Today, Löfbergs are active in some ten markets, with its own companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, England – and Canada. About 40 per cent of Löfbergs’s coffee is sold outside of Sweden.

For more information:
Anders Thorén, Media Relations Manager, Löfbergs, phone: +46 (0) 703 55 64 22