Swedish Fika from Löfbergs

The Swedish tradition of fika, a coffee break with a snack, is well-known all over the world. Now we are presenting an homage in the form of Swedish Fika, a light dark-roast and well-balanced ground coffee with notes of cacao. It goes especially well together with a cinnamon roll or a raw food cookie with chocolate and raspberries.


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About Löfbergs

Löfbergs is a Swedish coffee roaster and Family Business founded in 1906. Today we are 350 coffee lovers operating in Northern Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends and sustainability.

It´s about the next generation.


We take responsibility for people and the environment. From bean to cup, from farmer to consumer.

Next Generation Coffee Lovers

Energy to the Olympic champions!

​Swedish coffee roaster brings extra energy to Team Hasselborg during the Grand Slam of Curling.

Get ready Canada!